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Are you a real beauty victim and always trying out new cosmetic products?
This can be stressful for your skin. Redness, irritation and blemished skin are often the result.

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This protective biosphere for your skin is a pre-biotic serum that balances the microbiome of your skin. It's not about destroying all the bacteria on your skin, it's about promoting the "good" bacteria and fighting the "bad" ones.
This happens in our wonderfully relaxing serum through a special combination of active ingredients with a special sea water enriched with minerals.

The maritime effect complex Actibiome

  • Strengthens and balances the microbiome (skin flora)
  • Studies:
  • Reduction of skin redness
  • Compensation of the pH value
  • Reduction of skin impurities

PreBiulin FOS

  • Strengthens the natural microbiological skin barrier
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