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Clean vs. natural

Natural cosmetics are good - but we believe that clean cosmetics are better.
Even if natural cosmetics are of natural origin, this does not automatically mean that you can tolerate the natural ingredients. Everyone who is plagued by hay fever knows that nature can often mean allergy.
The Clean Beauty principle combines the best of the philosophy of natural cosmetics with the reliable product safety of "synthetic" cosmetics:
Gentle preservation, the best active ingredients from nature + high-quality, synthetically produced ingredients that are proven to be skin-friendly, sustainable and degradable. This has enabled us to develop a new generation of cosmetic products.
Their application and compatibility make them particularly suitable for sensitive & sensitive skin.
Oh yes - and of course our products are vegan. We also support PETA and other various national and international NGOs that work for animal rights.
Of course, Nø® will not be offered on the Chinese market as long as animal testing for the introduction of cosmetic products is legally required there.